Monday, March 29, 2010


Blogger has added some features since I last roamed these hallowed halls, so I have added some newfangled fancy "pages." There are new links to these pages at the top of the page (right under the Queen Bea kitty cat) if you need to email Queen Bea, report any abusive language in the comments sections, or search for a home shopping coupon code. Please feel free to use them!

There is also a link for "links," which is a section I have been meaning to work on forever. If you have a link that you would like for me to include, please email me. It just needs to be related to home shopping in some way, shape, or form. I'm considering also adding a "blogroll" link for all those not-necessarily-home-shopping-related blogs that many of you guys have, so feel free to email those too.

Speaking of real life housekeeping ... I started making my own homemade laundry soap! For real! So far, so good. Much cheaper, no skin sensitivities, and managed to get some nasty towels squeaky clean. I saw this on the 18 19 Kids and Counting show on TLC and was so intrigued that I had to try it for myself. Of course, I have to store it in a Lock-n-Lock. ;-P

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