Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Here is a picture of Lucy, the old doggie that we're trying to help. I'm just going to re-post my comment from the original post about the dog updating everyone on how she's doing.

Thank you for all the encouraging comments and emails. I truly appreciate all your support. It means a lot.

Lucy is doing well. She was sooo skittish at first, but quickly came around when she realized that she was getting all kinds of love and attention.

She is quite enamored of her water bowl since she's been living in a house with no utilities or water for over three months.

We were also able to take her for a walk, which she loved! She didn't have a collar so we had to wrap the leash around her neck. I'll be stopping by the store to pick up a collar today. (NOTE: Since writing this I have gotten her a very cute pink and purple polka dot collar!)

As to my other animals (we have 2 old cats and a dog) ... that's the big question. The dogs got along great outside. However, my dog was not amused with Lucy being inside the house--understandably so. They would get along for a few minutes and then decide that they were going to have a smack down. And we discovered that Lucy likes to chase cats.

All in all I thought she did great, but obviously there will be challenges. Her original owner would like to have her back eventually. I don't know about that. She's not abusive, but she just isn't stable enough to handle a dog.

I'm just taking this one day at a time.

Again ... thank you so much!!!


  1. She's adorable! Good luck getting the furbabies to get along.

  2. Queen,

    She is a beauty. I really admire what you and your family are doing. I wish more people would follow your example. My hubby and I are the same way - we can't stand to see an animal suffer. I wish you the best of luck.

    God Bless .

  3. What a sweetie Lucy is! Just by the look on her face, one can tell she likes the person (Queen Bea?) taking her photograph ;-)

  4. She looks like a fun dog. I won't comment on her situation -- it just makes me mad.

    I hope they grow to get along.

  5. Thanks, Queen Bee, for the pic of Lucy. I can see why you took her in. She's precious!

  6. Lucy is as cute as can be. You're very kind to be a wonderful friend to her.

  7. You are a good egg, Queen Bee. Lucy is adorable and looks so happy. May things work out with your other animals, and they all get along. And I truly hope this is a "forever" home for this sweet girl.

  8. Awww Lucy is a beautiful girl.. I have 8 dogs.. Its not easy most days because they don't always get along but like children they must be taught. Eventually your guys will get used to Lucy and everything will be good.. As for the original owner wanting her back? No way in hell I'd let that happen.. Best of luck and don't give it. They're always worth it :)

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