Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congratulations Beverly!!!

Congratulations to our big grand prize winner, Beverly!!!

Lucky Beverly won herself a free Gold & Silver Safekeeper Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet by Lori Greiner.

Now let's all stop being jealous of Beverly for just a couple minutes while she gives her acceptance speech ...

"I do appreciate winning the jewelry organizer with the mirror as I have a large collection of QVC jewelry, mostly silver. I purchased the smaller spinning organizer for myself for Christmas and I like it very much. The runner up prizes are very cool too.

"I have watched QVC for a long time-since the early 90s and my favorite host was of course Kathy Levine. And I like Steve Bryant too. My favorite hosts now are Mary Beth, Antonella, Carolyn Gracie (I was watching when she ate the cat food) and Jill. I like the hosts to be laid back but have some personality.

"I don't have much jewelry from the newer lines because I have been retired for 5 years from a job where I got dressed up. Now I wear a uniform to work with minimal jewelry (hospital). So I have Judith Jack marcasite I like and some gold jewelry from Beverly Hills gold collection especially the heart necklace.

"My faves back then were the silver with gemstones-my first ever purchase from QVC was a silver heart ring sold by Jane Tracey. The hearts were gemstones and it was in two pieces that fit together. I still have it but it is now too small for me.

"I bet with a new jewelry box I will be buying more, I can't wait to get it. My all day shopping favorites now are the cooking days, how I have changed=it used to be the jewelry days. I watch fashion day too. I even have the light up Quacker Factory Christmas sweater that everyone makes fun of. But I got it to get a rise out of my grandchildren and I have had fun with it.

"Don't really have a special non-jewelry purchase. I like the Aero bed and the Cooks Essential cookware. Recently bought a Technique griddle and like it very much. I'm still thinking about the TSV today. I will probably get it from Laura Geller. Over the years I have purchased so much. Much disappointment from some of the beauty products. No miracles there. Oh and back to the cat food, too. I have four cats and they will not eat the cat food Carolyn ate. I had to give it away. Thanks again, Beverly"

Ok, now that we know Beverly is a nice lady that needs and deserves to win, we can all go back to being jealous of her.
Thanks so much to Lori for her generosity with her time and all the great prizes. And thanks to Brittany for everything you've done to make this happen. You da bomb, baby!

And, please, Sue or Susan, or Suzy, or Suzanne ... please, please, please email me back so you can get your runner up prize! I hate to give it away to someone else. I've had a few Sue's email already, but sadly, they aren't the Sue I'm looking for.

Sue, Sue, Sue ... just where-oh-where are you!!!


  1. Congratulations to you Beverly. Your going to love your mirrored jewelry keeper. I own one and would not part with it for anything. The bonus is that everything is so organized and kept from tarnishing.

    Queen Bea, thank you, for the Iman Purse that I won on your site not to long ago. Your generosity is appreciated. Besides, reading your site daily is a "kick".

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