Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jewelry Television Slashes More Jobs

Jewelry Television is laying off thirty IT employees. The employees were told on Wednesday that their positions were being eliminated.

Between QVC and JTV, 11/12/08 has become the Black Wednesday for the home shopping channels.

These layoffs come after JTV eliminated approximately 150 jobs this past May and more are possible into the first quarter of 2009 as they "adjust to a national downturn in jewelry sales."

Here are a few of the posted comments posted on the Knoxville area website (where JTV is located). Do you think that people are angry?

hey, guys to let you know, the show hosts make more than $200K a year while their customer service reps make $10 a year with no raises or bonus.

This company has friviously spent money like it's going out of style, for example, the new call center(which i hear they didn't even need since there was nothing wrong with the old one) cost them over $100K, the new cubilces were over $100K (they weren't needed) Then the company laid off over 200 claiming that it was necessary with the economy the way it is, then they spent over $1mil on relocating the set. The show hosts lie through their teeth 24/7 in order to light up the phones, then the call center agents are the ones having to apologize for theri lies, they laid off some really good show hosts and kept trash. for example, they let Valerie, Leah, Jeanine and a few others go and brought back Heidi(the poster girl for useless people) can anyone say "train wreck?" Then there's Wendy, Mrs. Monotone, and Mandy the one that screams on the air, then there's Misty, the one that's nasal all the time and don't forget about Scott and couldn't tell the truth even if he tried. The company will be out of business very soon. and these poor people that have been lied to, and cheated out of their raises and bonuses checks will be S.O.L.

JTV had alot of lay offs in the summer then turned around and hired new call center people. Sounds to me like they were trying to weed anyone out that was making more money or that had insurance. I understand that come the first of the year anyone with insurance will have to pay 100% of their insurance so what are they losing. This company has wronged its employees from the get go. Maybe they need to start at the top cut there and get a dose of humility and remember its the people out here that keep them going and their faithful employees.

So heres my question...why does JTV still own a over $14,000,000 Hawker 800 Private Jet?

JTV neglects to tell you that they have started outsourcing customer service jobs to a Florida based company. Also, subcontracting customer service jobs to home based people. So JTV is not telling the media or its employees the truth. They lie once again. Thank you JTV for a Merry Christmas. Thank you for adding more stress to our economic situation. JTV does not want Knoxville and the world to know that the management are snakes in the grass and using thier associates thru Christmas, to let them go after thier busy season. Thier management just smiles and says everything is ok. I am sure they make $100,000 a year.

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