Monday, November 10, 2008

Can You Sell Jewelry On Live Television?

Have you ever pretended to be a home shopping host? If you haven't, just try to do a little sales pitch for something you're wearing today. Go on ... what are you waiting for? Do it!

Just try to talk about whatever it is in an interesting and engaging way for one minute. Just one measly minute.

I'll wait ...

Harder than it seems, isn't it?

Being a host is sorta like being a good politician, you have competing interest groups--management, vendors, producers, customers--all vying for their attention, you have to "let your personality show through" without ever offending anyone or being politically incorrect, you have to be approachable, but still above the fray. Oh, and you need to make sales--lots of them!

This is why I try to cut the hosts a little slack (with the obvious exception of a certain former HSN host), because their job ain't easy, baby.

If you still think that you can master this fine art, checkout this advertisement on Craigslist because The Jewelry Channel is looking for a few good hosts:

The Jewelry Channel, located in the greater Austin/Round Rock area, is looking for freelance hosts to sell fine jewelry on a nationwide, live format.

We have found that people with experience in news, reporting, commercials, infomercials, live tv or public speaking have worked out best for us, but if you think you've got what it takes to get it done, send us an email, along with a head shot or recent photo, and a resume.

We require our freelance hosts to live in the greater Austin area, for they may be called in on quick notice. Freelance hosts normally get their "baptism of fire" by working in the overnights. Truly, you must be willing to work any shift you are assigned to.

Reminder: All applicants must supply a head shot and resume. No exceptions. If you have a show reel, it would be welcomed but not required.

Auditions/interviews will be held at our studios in the Austin/Round Rock area this coming Friday, Nov. 14th beginning at 11am. Our last audition drew 18 freelance hosts, so our slots usually fill up quickly. Please respond quickly, with a time that would work best for you. Auditions usually last about 30 minutes. We will try to accomodate you whenever possible. As you might expect, all appointments are first come, first served.

Since you will be asked to sell at least one item during the audition/interview, it might do you well to watch the network, since we operate on a different format than the conventional TV shopping networks do. We can be seen on Dish Network ch. 218, DirecTV ch. 226 and via our web site at

TJC is a great place to work, with a good bunch of people. Hope to see you soon!

Hmmm ... I thought that they were going out of business ...


  1. LOL If I had the software I'd PS Dan Dennis' head onto that Salesman in a heartbeat! The guy gives me exactly that vibe -- on every channel he's turned up on :p

    @"going out of business?"

    Yeah. Launch a new career! For 19 days!

    Although, since the GOB SALE! has been running since August, the sales hosts still present NEW! Just Back In Inventory! ( -- norefundsnoreturns -- how can consumers be so gullible ?? -- I digress -- ), something tells me that there'll be a convenient station name change on our screens, Dec 1.

    Love your blog, Royal Highness of Clever and Well-Written. :)

  2. Hey Sage! Your favorite man, Dennis, has a blog: (you can thank me later!)

    TJC is beginning to look like those furniture stores that are perpetually going out of business, which I believe also likes to play the name change game too. Shady!


  3. @(you can thank me later!)

    lol Thanks, but I'm intensely busy swamping out the litter boxes.

    Seriously. What genius would splash GOB across the graphics, all day, every day? GOB...ICK!...maybe it's just me.

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  5. ::arghhhhhh!::

    Dan The ConMan @ The Liquidation Channel!
    24/7! He's there for you on yer DirecTV or -- TWO spots as ya surf yer Dish line-up! All Sales Final!

    pfffffffft! whattahack :p Shoulda put money on that with my bookie. LOL

  6. I have gotten some nice items from them...just got a watch that I didn't sending back.

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