Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wieners for the Wealthy

Is that Gazelle exercise machine just too much work? Has it become more of a coat hanger than a calorie burner?

Tony Little understands.
You might not be able to actually exercise, but anyone can eat a hot dog, right?

Tony Little and his pony tail said,
"We are marketing my Tony Little's Body By Bison burgers and hot dogs on the Home Shopping Network and, frankly, we're having trouble keeping them in stock. They're the most incredible burgers and hot dogs you ever tasted, and they're lower in fat than chicken! Now you can eat hot dogs! Who doesn't love hot dogs? But usually you can't eat them because they're the worst things in the world for you. Now you can."
Ken Hoffman at tried them and here's what he had to say,
"Each dog packs 160 calories, while a regular supermarket dog has 240 calories. Bison dogs have 12 grams of fat; regular ones have almost twice that. And bison dogs have about 50 percent more protein. When it comes to food, I'm not a stickler for statistics. I'm a flavor guy. And I'm a big hot dog guy. I actually wait for Dollar Dog Night at Minute Maid Park. Bison dogs do taste different. Not gamey, which I was afraid of, but different. By the time I was done with my pack of 10 dogs, I liked them. I'm not sure I'll ditch my Ball Parks or Oscar Mayer's for them, though."

Tasty! Healthy! Hot dog of champions!

Perfect, right?

Only if you are willing to shell out $59.95 for 20 Jumbo Bison Hot Dog + $12.95 shipping. Let me break this down: that's $3.65 per wiener--not counting the bun and toppings!


  1. I think it's safe to say that, likely as not, Tony Little's weinie isn't worth $ probably isn't even worth $1.00,
    but do we really want to go there......?

  2. Well, Mildred, you have to take inflation and other market factors into consideration when pricing Tony Little's weinie ... :-)


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