Friday, July 4, 2008

Celebrity Home Shopping Addicts (Not-So) Anonymous

This "blind item" was posted on a gossip blog recently:

What does this female talk show host/ B list actress enjoy doing on her weekends more than anything? How about sitting in front of her television all weekend and ordering jewelery from home shopping channels. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth. And the funny thing is she doesn't really wear any, she just likes the shows and buying.

You can read my original guesses here.

The answer was finally revealed to be none other than ... Whoopi Goldberg!

First, I take issue with the B-List description. Whoopi is NOT B-List. She won an Oscar, people! She was in The Color Purple (Queen Bea looooves that movie)!

Second, since she reportedly doesn't really wear any jewelry, Whoopi needs to send some of that loot in Queen Bea's direction. For reals!

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