Monday, June 2, 2008

ShopNBC Our Top Value 6/2/08: Studs-N-Jackets

Sterling Silver/Platinum or 18K Vermeil Set of Three Gem Studs & Jackets
Item# J302875
2 Value Pays of $49.99
Choice of platinum plated or 18k yellow gold vermeil

I give this a '10' for concept and a '4' for execution. I love the idea of the three studs that you can wear alone or mix and match with the three different jackets. So versatile! Definitely alot of bang for the buck. However, I don't think they are ... what's the word ... pretty? Right, I think that they are u-g-l-y. Ugly. Sorry ShopNBC, but this ain't doing it for the Queen Bea.

I do like two of the studs though--the zircon and the iolite (highly underrated gem ... looks like tanzanite at a fraction of the cost), but the third one is described as--and I quote--"reddish brown rhodolite garnet." That just sounds like a really poor quality garnet. Garnet is plentiful and not terribly expensive! Couldn't they do any better than "reddish brown?" Yuck-O. But I suppose that two out of three studs ain't bad!


  1. Jennifer, San DiegoJune 2, 2008 at 9:05 PM

    These are all old lady earrings. My mom is too young to wear them! Come on, ShopNBC, get it together. At that price point you could totally market the set to 20-somethings!

  2. i like the red ones


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