Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joan Kicked off a F*#&ing Talk Show!

Well, she promised to offend ... at least she's a lady who keeps her word! There's a bazillion articles flying around the Internet about her F-word incident on live TV, but here's what Joan had to say about the whole tawdry incident on her blog (note: if Joan offends you, or bad language offends you, or there are small children or pets nearby, then DON'T watch the clip!):

My Day in London

So I started my day with an appearance on an ITV chat show called Loose Women-very similar to the US show The View. We talked about my upcoming theatrical performances in Edinburgh and London and of course about the Red Carpet. When asked about interviewing Russell Crowe I told the ladies on the show exactly what I thought.

Here’s the link….you watch and tell me what you think. Better yet-tell ITV exactly what you think.

Following that segment I was asked to leave the studio….or as the British press explains….I was “hauled off”, “kicked out”, and “booted from” the studio. And without my goody bag, nonetheless!

So what did I do? I proceeded right over to the BBC and did The Graham Norton Show. I adore Graham-we’ve worked together many times and I always have a great time when I visit his show. AND what’s GREAT is that Graham’s show airs after 9pm so I can swear ALL I want. So tune in Thursday and watch and hear every swear word I know….and then some!

And stay tuned to the blog. I’m working on an appropriate apology letter to the ladies of Loose Women. Of course I will share that with all of you.


  1. She thought she was on delay so they could bleep her, so I don't know why eveyone's getting so huffy about it.

  2. I love Joan. So what if she got kicked off? It totally fits with her personality.

  3. This is hilarious. How could they NOT expect her to say something profane? She's Joan Rivers!

  4. I don't happen to enjoy vulgar language and's not lady
    Ike or becoming to,anyone. Funny? I don't think so. It's rude and insulting and disrespectful! I don't understand why Q.V.C. Hasn't fired her yet? Her own program is the most vile pornographic show on tv. I can't watch it any more. Her mouth is like a sewer.It truly is offensive to many people.Before she puts down others she needs to look into her own mirror! Poor thing!


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