Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jewelry Television Responds to Fake Gem Lawsuit

A recent lawsuit filed againt Jewelry Television alleges they sold stones that were "nothing more than the mass-produced result of chemical facelifts in gemological beauty parlors" that Jewelry Television acquired for "pennies per carat and sold … for extraordinary profits."

In response, Jewelry Television expressed disappointment that "one customer in California has filed litigation against us. This customer chose not to take advantage of our liberal return policies."

However, the lawsuit states that there was only "a brief return period which was not publicized or advertised, was ill-administered, and did not even begin to correct the harm that was done."

In a statement today, Jewelry Television said andesine-labradorite has been sold in the gem trade since 2002 as natural and untreated material.

"Lab reports from major laboratories have consistently confirmed these gemstones as natural and untreated. Jewelry Television, like other major retailers, relied upon the lab reports and general industry information," Jewelry Television said.

The company acknowledged that it had in January discovered one source for this gemstone that reported treating the stone.

"That information was promptly reported to our customers. As additional information has developed, JTV continued to keep customers informed. Much of the information in the lawsuit is totally incorrect and we are satisfied that Jewelry Television acted completely responsibly and the true facts will vindicate us," the company said.

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