Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jewelry Television All Grown Up

Our little Jewelry Television is growing up! I don’t know why, but JTV has been fighting against the home shopping norm—no our-top-today’s-special value and no value-flex-easy pays either. And while they are still stuck on those silly Top of the Hour specials, they are finally dipping their toes into the spread-out-the-payments pool.

Oh yes, chickadees, they are now offering … drum roll please … Stretch Pay! Queen Bea is so proud. So far this seems to be isolated just to the watches. But it’s a start! I have no doubt that the stretch pays will spread like wild fire.

If you're looking for a good watch, check out JTV's Super Saturday Night--there's supposed to be some good specials, FREE shipping (my favorite!), and--of course--Stretch Pay!

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