Tuesday, June 3, 2008

HSN Today: The Today Show Without All That Pesky News!

In HSN's ongoing attempt to revamp their brand, they rolled out its new-fangled morning show, HSN Today with Amy and Andy, yesterday. From what I can gather, it's supposed to look more like your standard morning show with segments and experts, fashion and home make overs, do-it-yourself tips, and cooking how-to's, and behind-the-scenes faux-drama ... just none of that annoying news or current events cluttering up the place!

Honestly, almost every segment on a morning show is a product placement for something--celebrity promoting their latest movie, chef promoting their latest book, women's magazine promoting itself and the latest and greatest products that they have recently discovered (or had sent to them for free by the cosmetic company, whatever). So really, aside from the lack of news, I don't see much of a difference.

Andy Sheldon, senior vice president for TV and executive creative director, who came last year from HSN's defunct British sibling iBuy, said, "We're keeping it real."

I can't believe some British executive just said "keeping it real!" What is wrong with these people!? If HSN really were keeping it real with their roots for real-real, they would be spraying on more Cheese Whiz, not trying to scrape off what they could and polish up the rest! Whatev!

This new show, much to many fans chagrin, came at the cost of letting the beautiful Kelly Repassy--one of the most photographed plus size models, scratch that, supermodels evah!--go after seven years of hosting. I did manage to find her new website where she just posted her first blog calling all the curvy gals (Queen Bea slowly raises hand from the back of the room).

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