Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HSN After Dark ... Not Safe for Kids or Husbands!

HSN seems to be getting all kinds of risque lately. I was accustomed to the Rhonda "Up All Night!" Shear presentations being a tad ... ummm ... titillating, but Rhonda can get away with it because, well, just cause she's all sorts of awesomeness and I love watching her.

But then Dr. 90210 came skipping into town with his shapewear overflowing with cleavage and his touchy-feely hands all over the models. Yuck. I know being a plastic surgeon he's used to being "hands on," but it's just icky on television.

And now we have IT Cosmetics boobs-in-a-box to get the illusion of big, Texas-sized bazoombas by drawing them on. HSN might attract more viewers with all this gratuitous boobage, but they won't be the kind that actually buy anything. And now I'm beginning to feel a bit inadequate and insecure, which I guess is the idea.

Oh well, Queen Bea is just gonna roll up her boobs and stuff them into her Breezies bra with UltimAir lining and be done with it. Humph!


  1. jenn in knoxvilleJune 25, 2008 at 9:18 PM

    No need to feel inadequate, QB. Those boobies look weird with all the shadows drawn on them. What ever happened to natural beauty?????

  2. ew, that was creepy! he did NOT need to stand so breath-in-her-ear close and repeatedly have his hands within a centimeter (or on?) her breasts. did you see the model nervously chuckle? she was icked out too. good grief, he's just presenting shapewear. we viewers have eyes and can see we're you're pointing, dr. rey! you could BACK IT UP A BIT and at least point at it from a few inches away, geez.

  3. OMG, that is too funny and CREEPY, yes! I don't get him. Everyday he has gorgeous people to "work on" and if you've ever seen his reality show that was on a few years ago you would have seen him doing the same thing. He is extremely physical in his placement of his hands/face and when he's describing things. Even though he'd be doing a consultation of a surgical procedure, he'd be so close and "all up in there" if you get my drift. It was uncomfortable to watch. I'm not sure if he just isn't aware of how it appears but by now I would hope or assume someone has told him that it comes off weird.

    His wife is also very beautiful but an unhealthy anorexic size with what appeared to be body image or food issues, yet on his shows, I never saw a lot of physical affection between them so there seems to be a huge contrast in how he is touchy feely with his female parents as opposed to what one might see as normal with a spouse, ie. hugs, squeezes, tender glances, that sort of thing. I actually felt worried for his wife, that she would keel over from being too thin and it was as if he didn't notice her struggles while he noticed everything else.

    I think Dr. Rey is a sort of contradiction in terms. His show explored his "daddy issues" that ran deep and seemed to be at the root of a lot of things. What was painful to watch was how his wife just seemed to be flailing, no direction, no attention, being mommy 24/7 and there was something so vacant about their relationship. Oh, and he didn't like the dog - I found that a little disturbing. Contrast all of that was his tendency to spoil his daughter and a few other apparent control issues.

    Well, we all have them don't we? Sigh...


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