Sunday, June 15, 2008

beautyADDICTS Coming to ShopNBC

ShopNBC is premiering beautyADDICTS cosmetics on June 19th. I've never heard of it, but that's probably because if was sold in froofroo boutiques and salons. So I took a peak at their webiste and noticed that everything was separated into four categories: glow, express, seduce, and motivate. This seems like an updated version of the four seasons concept, but I could be wrong. I was a spring by the way!

Makeup artist, John Henry Edington, will present this “Total Look Collection” - a set of eyeshadow, lip quad, blush duo, mascara and travel brush set. The set will have a retail value of $135, and will be selling on ShopNBC for the special promotional price of $59.50.

This actually doesn't look too bad. I like getting everything together so I don't have to think to hard about coordinating everything.


  1. I've heard bA is actually very good. I'm waiting for the presentation to decide whether ornot to try it.

  2. BeautyADDICTS is awesome. My sister spends a boatload of $$ on makeup and hair and I bummed some bA off of her before we went clubbing--it stays on and the colors are excellent. If ShopNBC would offer the sets with 5 or 6 value pays (or whatever they call them--I get all the home shopping networks confused) it'd totally be worth it.


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