Friday, May 30, 2008

Ummm ... Gross ...

Since this is a new blog, I was brainstorming post ideas like product reviews, rumors, trends, funny home shopping-isms (hurry! less than two per state!) ... anyway, you get the idea. So I thought it would be fun to do a host spotlight segment where I would show clips of what they used to do (or in the case of former hosts, what they are doing now).

I already knew that Lisa Robertson used to do the pageant circuit and was crowned Miss Tennessee and some sort of pearl princess, so I thought I would find a humorous clip of her strutting her stuff back in her big-haired pageant days. Innocent enough, right? So I thought.

I ventured over to You Tube and did a quick search for her and stumbled headfirst into the scary world of foot fetish! Ack! Run away! Ditch the toe rings and the ankle bracelets and run for your life! Apparently, Miss Robertson has many, many loyal fans of her well-pedicured tootsies. Who knew? Who knew that a cute blog about home shopping would lead me so quickly down into the dark underbelly of the Internets?

I will never be able to look at her feet the same way again.


  1. People are so weird. What's up with the foot thing? That's just nasty.

  2. It is a shocking element of social media. Search the phrase "hsn feet" "qvc feet" "judy crowell" and you will be astounded by the fetish focused interest. I gather to each their own. I would say spending a great deal of time managing a gossip blog about home shopping television personalities could be considered weird or nasty. It seems to fall under the category of "get a life." But, who's to be judgemental, eh? :-)

  3. I very much have a LIFE,but I LUV this blog!!!
    I think it is Hilarious!!! I also can watching men's iceskating/Olympics...AWESOME!
    Just ordered my GSon's BDay present on about how much time I saved by doing that,so I have given myself permission to "play" on this FUN blog...why come here if U don't like it???

  4. Ah, it's not really about get a life, or like or dislike of this blog. Read between the lines and the February 17 post is about being judgmental. There are many ways people deal with the anxiety and neurotic aspects of their life. One may engage in "ick" and another may gibber on about QVC and HSN episodes. Either may be useful and "fun" for the person engaged in the activity. Perhaps the point of this blog is to spill personal opinions, and nothing more. Enjoy.

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